We provide aspiring young writers with a range of valuable resources to refine thee aaft. From personated one-tome sessions to editing fianslabon, and mindfulness workshops, these services we tailored to support and nurture the growth of young writers. By availing these services, writers can strengthen their skits, gem valuable feedback and enhance their chances of success in the literary world.

Writing Development for Young Writers
These sessions offer peronao-ed feedback, advice, and constructive aiticism to he went* develop thee unique voice and improve their overal writing proficiency.

Text review and editing
With a keen eye fa- detail, we provide thorough evaluations of manuscripts, identifying areas br improvement in terms of structure, gamry a,. style and coherence.


Moderating ‘Mindfulness & Writing’ lessons and workshops
We provide specialized lessons and workshops that combine the practice of mindfulness with writing techniques These sessions aim to h* young writers tap into their cmanWty, overcome writer’s block, and enhance thee ability to egress themselves authentically.

Literary Program Curator We am responsible for coveting, organding, and n-enaging Weary events and initiatives to promote literature, foster engagement and create enriching wpwiences for readers, writers, and the broader literary community.
Book Evaluations, Reviews, Reports and Articles We provide detailed feedback on various aspects such as plot development, characterizations, pacing, and market viablity Additionally, we can prepare reader’s reports that provide valuable insights into the potential reception of a book by its target audience,
Life Consulting We provide one on one fife consultation sessions, as well as a uhque program that we have titled •Live Your Life, Get in touch with us to learn more.
If you wish to learn more, refer to the ,,Becoming a Client), page.

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature -moderating Shahd al Shammari

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2023 - workshop

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