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Hend Saeed

هند سعيد                                                                                                                                            

Writer. Translator

كاتبة ومترجمة  

Literary Agent & Consultantوكيلة أدبية & مستشارة أدبية وثقافية.                                                                                         

Hend Saeed 

Arabic Literature & Culture Consultant and adviser, Literary Agent, Literary Translator, Writer, Book Reviewer, Literature & Cultural event curator, Moderator, Editor at-large and contributor to Mindfulness Consultant & Curator of Mindfulness Writing workshops. Former Arabic Program Manager at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. 



Writer – Publication                                                                  























Co-author in ‘Memorable Flavours’  – Published in 2022.The book features stories revolving around culture written by 12 Dubai-based women.


Short Stories collection about the life of three women .The life after war and living in exile.   

Children story “Daily life of the young boy who cares about environment.

  • Iraqi Women in Tahrir Square ( poem) Nov 2019 for Al Mutannabi Street Starts Here Project



Behind the Dam’ Novel                      God, Peace, Love’                 My Brand

for UNY Abu Dhabi                              by Hiyam Younis                by Saifa al-Shehi

  • Co-translated excerpt of Emirati writer Eman al Yousuf  ‘Guardian of the Sun ‘Novel for Iowa University


  • Curator & Presenter of ‘The Salon’ الصالون الأدبي والثقافي  

Online interviews shade the lights on the creative people in the Arab world and highlight the new publications and work of , authors, performances, artist and thinkers.

  • Curator and moderator of ‘Meet the Author’ program for Abu Dhabi Public libraries. Once a month program to introduce new authors from Australia and Europe to readers and listeners in UAE.
  • Curator of Iraq’s Diverse Literary Scene in 2021. Samples:
  • When Darkness falls ; on the shortened, brilliant life of Iraqi author Hayat Sharara                       

  • ‘The lion of Basra” : Muslim ,Jew and Christian by Diaa Juabili’s

  • Organizing the reading for Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here’ project at House of Wisdom -Sharjah 2021 & Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2017.

Literary Agent

Some of my clients and samples of books:

·      UQP Australia

·      Quroboros

·      The Children Meditation in My Heart ’by Author Gitte Winter

·      The Amazing story of the Man Who Cycled from India to Europe for Love’


Arablit Editor-at large and Contributor

  • Arablit Quarterly   March 2020  Poem translation.

In January 2022 , shared the first “In Focus “section, edited by Hend Saeed. Samples:


  • Samples of Reviews, translation ,interviews published in @arablit.

  • Interview :Germany-based Syrian Kurdish author Jan Dost on writing ‘Kobani’


Literary Consultant & Literary Translator

  • Help young writers to develop their writing through one -to-one sessions.


  • Provide one to one session in reviewing and editing the text.



  • Provide ‘Mindfulness & Writing’ lessons and workshops.


  • Provide translation samples & full book translation.


  • Provide book evaluation, review and reader’s Report.

My Workshops & Presentations & Moderating

  • Moderator @Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2017-2021

  • “Knowledge Based Economy” presentation ,written and presented by Hend Saeed at

International Conference of Future of learning & Skills- Dubai 10X   University of Dubai – 2021

  • How to write a book review workshop                            Dubai Public Libraries 2020

  • Creative Writing Essentials                                   Ministry of Youth and Culture 2020

  • Imagination & five senses in writing                                    Abu Dhabi Library & Sharjah & Private

  • How to use our three minds in creative writing               Number of Workshops repeated

  • What is creativity & how can you find your creative method online workshops

  • Presentation in public                           Abu Dhabi library

  • How to get rid of the enemy of happiness                           Idea for training

  • How to start your life after a fall               Idea for training  2019



Published Articles, Reviews & Interviews

  • Nasher News :Hend Saeed, ‘Literary Agencies are still incomprehensible to many in the Arab World.

  • Arabkidlitnow :The book Conversation: Hend Saeed interviews Arabic Children authors and illustrators

  • Travelodge : Memories made from Dubai and Emirates Airline Festival of Literature saeed/?fbclid=IwAR3E3h_peqFJSnF9ivyRRbByOnGgk4os6yhtUexL6Rn2VKr0moR0cFjOKmo

  • Articleعشر-خطوات-لتجديد-نظرتك-للحياة-1176?fbclid=IwAR1CEXjPLfxd95-AX4QF_Q74p4P2othGHgPNayoQQjUP2G7PEmht1Iumtxo

  • Book reviewلعلها-مزحة..–القلب-المكسور-فى-مدينة-الشارقة            

TV, Radio, and Others – Samples


  • Al Mustransirya University: BA Arabic-English/English-Arabic Translation
  • NLP Master Practitioner & Coach
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • mBraining Master Practitioner & Coach


  • 1001 Titles – Writing for children workshop Dubai   Feb 2021
  • Translation Workshop             Online Feb 2021
  • UAEBBY -Writing for children with Author Fatima Sharafldeen         Sharjah 2017/ 2019
  • Intensive writing workshop with Najwa Barakat Lebanon 2018
  • Writing Chapter books – Australian Writing Center Melbourne  2019
  • Speculative Fiction with Narrelle Harries -Australian Writing Center Melbourne 2018
  • Moving your story forward with Nicole Hayes Melbourne 2018
  • Short Stories Writing – Australian Writing Center Melbourne 2017
  • Writing and publishing a book – Jo Parfit Dubai 2010


  • Melbourne writer Center
  • ArablitKid & Arablit translators
  • Asia Pacific Writers & Translators
  • Australian Literary Translator Association

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