Literary Agent

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Literary Agent

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Hend Saeed is passionate about closing the gap between the Arabic Literary scene and the Australian & New Zealand literary scene through helping publishers to acquire translation rights for both languages.

She is also passionate about supporting new young writers in nurturing their careers by providing full services to help get published -from manuscript assessments, editing ,representing them and negotiating book deals and liaising between authors and publishers.

For rights acquisition or author representing, contact us at:

Services provided:

  • Facilitating the rights acquisition process between publishers.
  • Assessing Arab Literary works for publishing in the Arab world and Western world.
  • Manuscript evaluation and assessment.
  • Provide one to one manuscript evaluation sessions.
  • Proofreading
  • Represent writers by pitching unpublished work to editors, and negotiating book deals by liaising between authors and publishers.
  • Represent writers by pitching Arabic published work to editors, and negotiating translation rights by liaising between authors and publishers
  • Suggesting editorial changes to authors


University of Queensland Publishing


UQP is one of Australia’s leading publishing houses. It has consistently produced culturally significant works across genres such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry, as well as children’s and young adult books.

Asala Publishing

Dar Asala is specialized in Arabic children’s books and had published more than 1600 titles. Asala’s books have wone national and international awards including Khalifa Award and The Arab Thought Foundation’s Kitabi Awards.


One Tree House

One Tree house directors Christine Dale and Jenny Nagle have the combined experience of over 65 years in children’s and educational book publishing- both local and international markets. They both believe in the transformative power of story and advocate for the importance of recording and reflecting our unique cultural perspective.

Winner of Bologna Best Children’s Publisher of the year -Oceania 2018.

2018 Guest of Honour at Shanghai Children’s Book Fair Prize winner’s lounge

The Amazing Story of the Man who Cycled from India to Europe for Love – Author Per J Andersson

This is a remarkable true story of how love and courage led PK to overcome extreme poverty, caste prejudice and adversity – as well as a 7,000- mile, adventure-filled journey across continents and cultures- to be with the women he loved.

Author Per J Anderson is a writer and journalist. He is the co-founder of Sweden’s most well-known traveller’s magazine Vagabond, and has been visiting India for the last 30 years.

The Children’s Meditation In My Heart by Gitte Winter Graugaard

Children’s Meditation is lovely for both you and your child. You can read the meditations as small bedtime stories. Like many other stories they are all about love. However, by closing the eyes and tunning in on the body while listening to your familiar voice, your child might be able to take in these words of love more fully.

Gitte holds a Master of Science in International Business, has worked with communication the past several years, has written several books and is a certified Life Mastery Coach, Heart Core Mentor and Transformer, and mindfulness instructor.

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