I have completed a novel. Are you open to accepting novels from emerging writers?

We are among the select few agencies who welcome submissions from new writers. However, it is important to keep in mind that we seek not only exceptional writing but also individuals who present themselves as credible, professional authors and possess a strong understanding of the types of books and writing that resonate with readers in the marketplace. While our passion lies in books, it is essential to recognize that publishing is a business, and to achieve success, you must not only be a talented writer but also offer a compelling business proposition.

How can I submit my work?

If you are submitting fiction, send us an e-mail telling us a little bit about yourself, along with three chapters of your work, or fifty pages if the chapters are short, along with a synopsis and a one-line summary to submissions@hendsaeed.com


If you’re submitting non-fiction, please send us a proposal (a full outline of your work) and a sample chapter. Please put your name and the title of your book in the subject line, to submissions@hendsaeed.com


Please note that we do not accept hard copy or postal submissions.All work is usually read and responded to within 6 to 8 weeks although we may take longer during busier periods. Feel free to e-mail the agency if you haven’t received a reply, but please do not call the agency number. If we’d like to see more material, we will be in touch.


If I send you my novel, can you provide any editorial advice or a reader’s critique?

Yes. However, we provide manuscript assessments as part of our services, for a fee. We also provide creative writing workshops and programs.

What are the upcoming workshops that are offered?

To stay up-to-date, and learn more about all our workshops, please contact us at: hend@hendsaeed.com

I am a publisher interested in rights acquisition. What is the next step?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at: hend@hendsaeed.com


Tell us more about your translation services.

Translation rights are an integral part of the agency. Hend Saeed is a professional translator who works between the English and Arabic languages. She also translates literary books and non-literary children’s books. Typically, she receives works for translation from the Arabic language and helps the writer(s) communicate their work with foreign publishers for publishing rights and opportunities. She is also able to translate manuscripts (and samples) from English into Arabic.

How can I make my submission stand out?

While focusing on the bigger picture, don’t forget the essentials. Publishers are looking for excellent writing, a concise letter introducing your work, a clear synopsis, and strong chapters that can stand on their own without excessive padding. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and writing style are already flawless, as publishers are unlikely to be impressed otherwise.


Overall, understanding the market, being promotable, and delivering high-quality writing are key factors for success in the publishing industry. If you’re writing in a specific genre, such as crime or commercial fiction, you should be familiar with the existing publications and popular books in that field. Publishers will evaluate where your book fits in a bookstore and whether it has the potential to sell. It’s crucial to convince publishers that your work carries commercial appeal, that you have growth potential as a writer, and that you can effectively promote your work.

We are currently accepting submissions in English & Arabic

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